2024 Policy Platform

WAISN’s advocacy priorities for immigrant justice in WA

In 2024, WAISN will be supporting legislative campaigns that have been identified as a priority by directly impacted community members and WAISN members. These campaigns will advance efforts to:

Our policy platform encompasses three levels—Primary, Secondary, Tertiary—based on the level of commitment that WAISN will engage with on the campaigns.

Primary Campaigns

Building on momentum from advocacy efforts in the last legislative session, WAISN’s Primary campaign platforms in 2024 will include Unemployment Insurance for Undocumented Workers and Health Care Equity for Immigrants.

Health Equity for Immigrants
In 2023, we successfully achieved a budget proviso to provide healthcare access to immigrants across Washington state, but we still have a lot more work to do. Ensuring that the newly won programs are affordable and accessible to all is a top priority.
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Unemployment Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants
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Secondary Campaigns

WAISN also wants to uplift and support campaigns led by members and partners of the Network that align with our organizational mission and values and that address issues which impact immigrant and refugee communities. Our goal is for immigrant and refugee communities to have a voice in campaigns across a spectrum of issues that affect their/our everyday lives even when WAISN is not taking a leadership role. 

Our Secondary Policy Platform will be made up of 3 to 5 campaigns that are led by key partners that we will engage with on a deeper level. We will prioritize campaigns submitted for consideration and/or led by the WAISN Steering Committee, WAISN members, and other key partners as well as campaigns that WAISN has actively participated in the past.

Ensure that Washington State does not contribute to the separation of families and the pain endured by communities because of deportation by ending the use of Washington State resources to deport Washingtonians and guarantee that Washingtonians incarcerated by the Department of Corrections are treated equally regardless of where they happened to be born.

Organization partners

Shutdown NWDC Coalition: La Resistencia, NWIRP, Columbia Legal Services, Mi Centro, Latina Civic Alliance, Partners for Social Change

WAISN and many of our members have been reporting an increasing need to provide resource support to newly arrived migrants throughout the last 9 months. While we have mainly been hearing of cases out of King County, we recognize this is a statewide issue. The primary resource needs have been: immigration legal services and emergency housing—two resource areas that are overcapacity in our state. We would like the State of Washington to provide funding as other states have provided to support migrants who are newly arrived and with little resources to support.

Organization partners

WAISN, OneAmerica, Low Income Housing Institute, Congolese Integration Network, Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders, Church Council of Greater Seattle

Ending traffic stops for non-moving violations and increasing safety and equity while refocusing needed resources on high-risk behavior.

Organization partners

Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, Washington 4 Black Lives

Asking the state to provide clarity on professional licenses for undocumented individuals and students and clarifying that all qualified applicants, regardless of their citizenship status, can obtain any professional occupational licenses and bar professional license boards from denying occupational licenses to applicants based on immigration status. 

Organization partners

Just Strategy / Alliance for a Just Society

Advocacy at the Capitol

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