Immigrant Health Response





In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, WAISN has adapted our work to focus on the unique needs of our immigrant and refugee communities. For as long as we need to, we are prioritizing providing immigrant and refugee communities COVID-related immediate support and information.

WAISN Resource finder

One main effort has been creating the WAISN Resource Finder, a county-by-county resource for immigrants and their families to find vetted local resources.

Our work will adapt to the following:

  1. Bridging food access to undocumented families who may be at risk by training our 29 rapid response teams in 22 counties to provide emergency food relief, rental assistance support, labor protections, and connecting communities to local resources available in their county.

  2. Raising awareness that food access and testing for COVID-19 will not put people in fear of the public charge rule

  3. Providing accurate and vetted information through the WAISN Hotline in their language 1-844-724-3737

  4. Advocating for dignity to undocumented workers through State Unemployment Benefits, Healthcare Access and Demanding ICE & GEO be deemed non-essential operations to halt the detention and deportation machine.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone. But the fear in our immigrant and refugee communities is not. WAISN will be working to unite the immigrant health response in Washington State, and we hope you’ll join us at one of our upcoming meetings. Sign up here.


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