The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network\’s statewide Hotline is a powerful tool that provides an avenue for our immigrant and refugee communities to:

  • Report Immigration Custom and Enforcement (ICE)/Custom Border Patrol (CBP) activity in their community

  • Report the detention of a group or individual

  • Obtain information or referral assistance for relatives/friends who have been detained

  • Access Know-your-rights information

  • Obtain access to services such as Fair Fight Bond & Accompaniment

How does it work? Once you are trained you will sign up for a shift & answer the calls that come to the Hotline.  We are seeking volunteers that can commit to a regular shift for at least 3 months. Our Hotline operates from 6am- 9pm Monday-Sunday.   The shifts you can cover are flexible & you can take on more than one shift per week.

After you complete this form a WAISN member will call you to complete our screening process.


  • Bilingual in at least English and Spanish

  • 3 month commitment to a shift

  • Must have a phone/tablet calls can be routed too

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